The Diary of Ginny Weasley.

Wonderfully without any inhabitance of evil soul-memories or giant snake things.

Ginny Weasley
11 August
Ginevra Weasley
Nickname: Ginny
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: Aug. 11, 1981
House: Gryffindor
Political Alliance/Stance: Actively anti-DE. The ministry needs improvement.

Basic Physical Description:
Lithe, freckly, and redheaded. Her eyes seem to change slightly, usually a bright brown or brownish green.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Red.
Build: Petit but not weak.
Defining Marks: A thin scar tracing one shoulder blade and a certain freckle formation that very few people know about.
Dress Style: Casual and somewhat utilitarian. Ginny loves jeans and sweaters because they're easiest to keep nice. She has a few quidditch tee shirts, and a few classy items in her closet.

Extrovert who enjoys some alone evenings.
Phobias/Fears: Letting down the people she loves, feeling useless, losing hope.
Boggart Would Be: An obviously evil Harry.
Patronus Would Be: A falcon.

Gnawing on her lower lip while concentrating, talking to herself, finding boring/overly serious people too amusing to be polite.
General Likes: Good food, good wine, good company. Her favorite thing is a really good joke, flying on a broom, walking barefoot, and her small collection of muggle records.
General Dislikes: People without senses of humor, anyone who tries to control her, blue cheese.
Often…: doesn't sleep at night. She's a bit nocturnal and likes to keep very late hours. She also like to makes it appear dreary outside on nice days and sunny outside on dreary days. It's been a bit of a problem talking her way around her enchanted windows the two times she's had to deal with muggle visitors.
Basic Strengths: Charms and hexes, intuitively reading people's emotions, and a certain fearlessness when friends are in danger.
Basic Weaknesses: Finding motivation to do something that is good only for her, the occasional cigarette, not knowing when she should let other people take care of her (independent to a fault), and her competitive/stubborn nature.
Best Personality Features (Virtues): Loyal, clever, and funny. Possesses great amounts of courage when her friends need her too.
Worst Personality Features (Vices): Loves an argument and a good practical joke and sometimes gets caught up in the moment so much so that she forgets to take in the bigger picture and the dangers that it holds. She's viciously independent and takes offers of assistance as pity or charity and is offended. Not always the most tactful person. Sometimes considers herself above people without realizing she's doing it. A bit hasty.
Personality In General: Funny, calm and observant. Ginny can take the peacemaker role when her own emotions are not heavily involved. She's unconditionally understanding and accepting of anyone she chooses to love. She is Passionate. Fearing an unlived life she often gets frustrated if she feels stuck or unappreciated, but luckily she hasn't had to feel that way often. Since being possessed by Voldemort, she's more reluctant to let people in. Since Harry left she's not as openly herself because she fears that people will worry about her if they realize she's as sad as she can be sometimes. She's not sure where to go to pick up the pieces. She loves a fight, task, or "adventure," because she feels utterly in the moment and as if she's doing something worth doing.

Arthur Weasley.
Mother: Molly Weasley.
Sister/Brother: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, and Ron.
Others: Sister-in-law: Fleur Delacour, the OOP, and Hermione.
Significant Other: Currently single (most of the time.) Though she's been pictured in the Prophet with Galvin Gudgeon, seeker of the Chudley Cannons. He's gotten much better over the years, and though he's several years older than Ginny, he's the closest she's come to another relationship since Harry.
Family History: The Weasley line was not always full of controversial wizards. Her parents were part of the Order and seemed to be a bit rambunctious during their years at Hogwarts but her ancestry before that is somewhat unremarkable. They are a purebred line, but it is not something that they boast or cherish, it's just what it is. The politics of procreation are somewhat wasted on this bunch. And with he exception of Percy all members of her family are more concerned with doing what they think makes their part of the world more meaningful.
Occupation: She often jokes that she's Tonk's personal assistant. Tonks has called her "her ginger right hand," though she feels often feels a bit overprotected by Tonks' co-workers. She's exploring her options for a professional career and is making ends meet at the Leaky Cauldron and Fred & George's shop.
Residence: In a small loft above a bakery. The shop is a good place to get herbs and candles as Madame Chrisa Avanap (nigh as wide as she is tall) has a lovely ability to make things smell and taste remarkably delicious. Her eyesight is going and she's become incredibly paranoid in the reemergence of war. She's lotted the flat to Ginny (for half what it's worth) because she knows she can trust the girl and enjoys her company. Ginny's even helped with a couple of catering jobs. She used to read all of Chrisa's owls to her over a bottle of wine, but soured on the old woman's company when one evening she started rambling about 'that troublesome Harry Potter bringing back ghosts and making hell for everyone.' She still visits the burrow regularly.
Finance: Somewhat desperate at times. Ginny's need to be independent has led her to live paycheck to paycheck and work at least two jobs most of the time. She's skilled making up creative products for Fred and George, especially after living with them and absorbing more of their troublemaking nature.

Marital Status:
Sexual Preference: Men. Though there have been rumors about a willingness to experiment after visiting the Holyhead Harpies. Gwenog Jones invited Ginny to spend some time with the all women team after Ginny sent out owls asking about possible auditions. Ginny received a large bouquet of flowers and a bottle of chocolate sauce from fresh-faced Keeper, Hali Hyslop. That's all anyone knows so far.
Turn ons: Hero complexes, sense of humor, competition, and assertiveness that does not interfere with her having her own way.
Turn offs: Not being asked. Indecision. People fussing with her. She will cuddle casually and is fine with PDA, but touch her with anything but a sure hand and she will become instantly disgusted.
Dating: Doesn't go in much for your traditional dinner dates, she likes something creative and exciting. She often fantasizes about someone she can be out in the world with and taking care of at home. She's good at the dating game, but it bores her easily.
Kinks:She thoroughly enjoys a bit of leather, boys in eyeliner, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. She's got a few books on the old form of magic involving sexual unity as part of many complex spells, but so far they seem to be somewhat ignored.

Character's Relationship with Parents Growing Up:
Very happy and close knit. She prefers that her parents were not wealthy because it's taught her to stand on her own two feet. She always felt safe and very loved. She speaks with her mother everyday, and visits home often.

Character's Brief History at Hogwarts: After being controlled by Tom Riddle's diary, Ginny became popular and well liked by many of her fellow students. She named 'Dumbledore's Army' and had better inter-house relations than most people. She also played on the quidditch team, fought by Harry's side at the Ministry.

Defining Likes and Dislikes: She loves working up a good adrenaline rush and dislikes anything that stands in the way of that.

Players Info
Shayna/Shax/(lj Imogenn)
AIM: ginevrah